Expandable Safety Gate


This expandable safety gate is portable, lightweight and easy to set up. It acts as a physical barrier for entry, making it an efficient alternative to traffic cones that can be easily ignored by drivers and pedestrians. Portable safety gate can be extended up to 7.5 feet wide.

Product Features:
-Easy Handling & Quick Set Up
-Lightweight (15 lbs.)
-Provides a physical barrier to entry, rather than a simple cone that is often ignored or driven over
-Injection moulded, High Density Polyethylene material for extended durability
-Bottom of legs can be filled with 25 pounds of water or washer fluid
-Built in carry case with handles
-54 sections of reflective film on curved surfaces provide 360 degrees of exceptional visibility
-Extendable up to 90 inches (7.5 feet)
- Locks into place at desired length

Collapsed Dimensions:
-Height: 43 inches
-Width: 19 inches
-Length: 6 inches